Flying Over Sunset at Vivian Beaumont Theater

Flying Over Sunset Tickets

Vivian Beaumont Theater | New York City, New York

This Wednesday evening on Wednesday 22nd April 2020, the stunning Vivian Beaumont Theater is proud to present Flying Over Sunset! This amazing production is back for another breathtaking show that is sure to sell out fast! Fans of the theatre are already rushing to the ticket stands so they can experience this amazing show, LIVE. So whether you live close to the Manhattan area, or are coming from further away, you won’t find a better way to spend your Wednesday night. But don’t just take our word for it. Critics are already saying that Flying Over Sunset is the must-see show of 2020 with some calling it a contender for “best show of 2020”. If you want to join this amazing show and sell-out crowd, then click that Buy Tickets button today!

Flying Over Sunset at Vivian Beaumont Theater

The ground is shaking. The air is getting thicker. You can feel the chills running up and down your body. You don’t know why? We’ll tell you why! Flying Over Sunset are coming to Manhattan! BOOM! It all makes sense now, and you know the hype is real because you know this will be THE MOST unforgettable event New York has seen in years! And to top it off, it will take place in the one and only Vivian Beaumont Theater, known for its one-of-a-kind atmosphere. There is only one thing left for you to do: get your ticket and join the hype on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at Vivian Beaumont Theater. Let’s create memories!

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